New Use for Radio Ads: Ad Agency Pitches Itself to Prospects via

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    July 27, 2009 3:05 PM PDT
    Does this redefine "intrusiveness" as it applies to radio advertising? Hammerhead Advertising in Hoboken, NJ is leaving radio ads as voicemail messages for prospective customers. Click here to listen to an example. As you might expect, reaction is mixed. From the negative side: "I would never, ever, use an agency that leaves spam phone messages on my machine," began one recipient. "Did you come from under a rock, perhaps? Remove my phone number from your spam list and don't call me again." On the other hand, "Your VM was fabulous! We forwarded it on to a number of folks here... We'd love to talk with you about PSAs. We'd love to see a presentation." Here's a link to the full article, including two more "commercials" from the campaign. (Note the production cost for the series: $8000!)