Wanted: Creative for a Farmers' Market

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    March 23, 2021 1:02 PM PDT

    From Angel TaylorHey there! I am trying to come up with some creative for a Farmers Market. Want something unique! Any ideas?

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    April 12, 2021 1:25 PM PDT

    The city has a farmers market at a fixed location every Tues and every Friday - Friday has live music - May thru October. Different hours on each of the days. We have run a schedule for them May thru Oct  -  6-8x 15s air only Tues and Fri (Friday mentions the music band or genre) 5a- 1 hr before the market closes that day. Or sometimes on Tuesday they have a Farm Animal Day with baby farm animals or something like an Apple Festival in the Fall. Then we do a live morning show interview with the city farm market manager several days in advance to pre-promote it.  You can propose social media add ons for more money. 

    The 15's are just a 'Hear ye, hear ye' approach reminding listeners the farm  market is today from ___am til ___pm and location.