Looking for Underwriting Help

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    July 29, 2020 3:03 PM PDT

    From Brandon Hardesty:

    Hi All!

    I'm looking for help when it comes to underwriting and any decks you may have created when talking with potential donors for your markets or stations. Even just a quick phone call or email on success or challenges would be amazing!

    Thank you!!

  • July 29, 2020 3:22 PM PDT

    Thank you Rebecca!! And thank you to anyone who can help!! I appreciate it!!

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    January 7, 2022 7:43 AM PST

    Your Underwriting 'pitch' will vary depending on how management views their image. For a station reliant on Underwriting more than grants and listener donations, I think selling the benefits and offering a package beyond just on air credits is crucial.


    I set up everything for a LPFM station in a community where Underwriting would comprise most of the station's income. I offered a package that included on air 8 second Underwriting directing listeners to the station website's Business Directory where the Underwriter could say whatever they chose without FCC scrutiny. We figured listeners would have a hard time recalling phone numbers and all those underwriter's website addessses so we direct them to the station's online business directory for further details. The idea was listeners could recall ONE website address.


    In selling Underwriting I point out the less you say the better because a person hearing a business name over and over forms an opinion the business is a leader and likely the best in their category of business. I use an example I actually experienced. I visited a small office where their photocopier had quit working. The company they bought it from years earlier was out of business. They had no clue who to call. Somebody mentioned a well advertised office machine seller in the area. Another person said they heard of that business. The receptionist hunted up their phone number and called the company a couple of people had remembered. 


    I point out the #1 business never has to say they are. It's only those companies that are not number one that need to compare themselves to competitors. I point out many businesses just simply keep their product in the public eye. Think beer, soft drinks and others who need not compare themselves but choose to earn more market share by being top of mind.


    I point out the fact listeners to non-commercial stations tend to be quite loyal to their station, Underwriting offers somewhat of an endorsement because you are identified as a supporter of the listener's favorite radio station. You are perceived as being a friend and like-minded. In fact, many will change their buying habits just because you help make their favorite station possible.


    I was in a lake community so I described on air credits as much like casting a line in the water with a worm on the hook. The on air credit and the business directory reel in that fish, or in your case, the potential customers. I ask if they're ready to do some fishing because you can't catch 'em until you put your line in the water. 


    Not sure if this is what you're looking for but if so, hope this helps.