Using Your Client's Name in a Spec Spot

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    September 7, 2023 11:57 PM PDT

    From Rick Murphy:

    I'll keep this story short, sweet, and simple...because it is!

    Nothing is sweeter than the sound of your own name. That is why I encourage our sales reps to put the prospect's name in their spec spots (I like to call them stories) before they even know until you play it for them.

    You will know that you have made the sale when:
    1. They make any changes at all
    2. They want to take their name out (They seldom really mean that)
    3. They want to put an associate's name in the story.

    The sound of their name carries unmatched power. Use it. Always!

    I watch bartenders often. They don't know it, but many are the best salespeople on earth. I will usually buy another drink if the bartender knows my name or asks on a timely basis if I'd like another one. Not to mention the bigger tip. Oh, and if they will listen to my bull as if they care.

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    September 8, 2023 5:29 AM PDT

    I agree. I was told early on that the the client's voice or name in a commercial always meant long term. I was told mentally the client hated to cancel themselves (voice or their name) because it is seen as failing. 

    I think it betters results. I have advertisers that tell me listeners ask for them. The listener perceives the client, voice or name' as a more personal invitation or ability to deal with the head person. 

    I was taught to write out schedules on a 'calendar' sheet and use the client's name. If they say they can't afford to spend that much, you hand them a pen and ask them to strike through the spots they want to eliminate. My record is about 50% will eliminate a few but some just can't cross out their name and will buy that package as presented, cutting dollars elsewhere.