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Want to get under your competitors skin?1?!


    Want to really piss off your competitors!  


    Telemarketing/Prospecting has clearly proven itself in our market and it should be part of your arsenal.  We don’t compete, WE DOMINATE and ATTACK our competitors with massive action.  They will not know what hit them until it is too late because they are not willing to do the hard work of prospecting.


    Make Radio Great Again one call at a time.


    Break free from the fear and frustration that is holding you and your team back from effective and consistent prospecting.  


    Use Prospecting to fill your pipeline with high-quality opportunities.


    The brutal fact is the number one reason for failure in sales is an empty pipeline and the root cause of an empty pipeline is the failure to consistently prospect.  The more you prospect, the luckier you get.


    In our market, we have redefined CNA's.  With Google, we can acquire 90% of the information needed without even talking to the client and we can guess the rest.  CNA/Presentation/Closing.  We call them PC’s.

    We now write 2-3 commercials ( - 350,000 useful searchable commercial scripts FREE) and have them fully produced prior to the appointment.  As you know, Once the client starts correcting the spots, you have a sale.  Please make sure you play them on a very very high-quality playback system. After all, we are in the audio business.


    Here's the Secret/math behind the plan:

    With a telemarketing program using 5 callers, you will have cycled through every potential customer asking for an appointment in 26 weeks. 50% show up for appointment...75% with pre gifting.  Let me know if you want me to send my Pre-Gifting blog to you. Each cycle will get quicker and quicker as you eliminate the chaff.  A random system won’t let your callers prejudge the clients. That is why we have Dumpster companies, Recyclers, Churches, etc.


    IN our market (210,000 Residents) in March we had $9,432.57 in cancellations.  Bottom Line = $85,546 this week with 22 closings with 34 attempts.  $302,000 (including cancellations) in March.  This is being accomplished with 5% of their work week. 2 hours per week 3 pm - 5 pm Wednesdays.    Not too much to ask!  After all, when the 5 0'clock whistle blows on Wednesday, your pipeline will be full for next week.  Our new salespeople have more time on their hands than they know. So, we require them to make prospecting calls every Wednesday from 3 pm to 5 pm. (Only 5% of their work week)   Studies by Inside Sales of 100,000 calls show these times are best to reach business executives. Why argue with that!


    BTW, the old dogs will begin to see the successes of the new salespeople and slowly begin to participate!


    According to, we have approximately 10,000 businesses in our coverage.  Let’s cut that in half = 5,000. Take off 20% for out of businesses = 4000. Assuming 10% are your customers = 3,600 left as targets.  We have found that nearly 20% of the phone numbers in the local phone book are WRONG!  Great sales opportunity for you!


    Example scenario:


    Your Weekly Target Budget from telemarketing       $75,000

    Annual contract Average per Month                             $625

    Salespersons/Sales assistants                                          5

    Closing ratio                                                                 33%

    Calls per hour per caller attempted                                  30

    Increase in monthly income per week                        $6,350

    Increase after 12 months per month                        $75,000

    Future income annualized                                     $900,000

    (You should get going NOW!) ($900,000*50% = $2,250,000 increased value in company)


    Try out our calculator:


    Clients that say no initially are recycled back into the call list after 32 days.  Your list will become more and more accurate. The list will have been whittled down to half of the original list.  You will then make more meaningful contacts in less time.


    Note:  It is important to have a meaningful personal gift (In our case, honey with a personal message) delivered at least 2 days in advance of the set appointment (P/C).  This will decrease the “No Shows” by 50%. I have attached a sample script for your convenience. I am happy to forward to you our examples of gifting and our letters.


    Even the least experienced person can use a telephone to set up appointments.  If they make an appointment, a sales manager is required to attend the PC (Presentation/closing).  Interestingly, the closing ratio is the same as if the sales manager had made the telephone appointment.  THIS is great training. It is also a faster way of weeding out bad sales candidates cutting down on lost opportunities not to mention the salary wasted plus Managers time and exposure to legal issues.


    Here is an example of our simple telemarketing scripts:


    “Hi, this is Rick Murphy with Murphy Broadcasting.  I’d like to speak with the person who handles your marketing and advertising?  (Find decision maker) I have some marketing ideas and would love an opportunity to discuss them with you and to play some commercials I've had professionally produced for you.  No obligation. How does next Wednesday at 10 am work for you?”


    If you would like to brainstorm about Making Radio  Great Again> call at a time