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How To Beat The Google Gods

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    Have you ever heard of Marketing Funnels? 

    It’s not a new term but it has gained all kinds of attention when it comes to internet marketing recently.

    The concept is that customers going through different journeys in the buying process and you can design a marketing funnel to steer them to buy from you.

    Google released a study, How Search Intent is Redefining the Marketing Funnel which is fine and maybe eye opening to many of you.

    I actually suggest you take some time and read it.

    The abbreviated version is that no two consumer journeys are the same anymore.  Even if two people end up buying the exact same product, the journey they take for each of them is unique. 

    Google gives some examples of how Jill decides which make up to buy and they tracked over 100 online visits including 5 online searches, a YouTube video, over 30 more online searches and on and on she goes.

    Another example given by Google is Sarah who is looking for chocolate and has over two dozen online visits including getting a map to the store where she makes her purchase.

    There is something missing from all of this, the human relationship factor of the consumer journey.

    Internet marketers tell you that you need to constantly tweak your website S.E.O. to show up when Jill or Sarah are looking for you.  However Jill and Sarah aren’t isolated from the rest of the world.  They have friends, they talk to people face to face, they read, they watch TV, they listen to the radio, I bet they have even bought make up and chocolate before.

    Google and the internet marketers are ignoring this.  So here’s how to beat the Google Gods.

    Create Top Of Mind Awareness before Jill and Sarah start their online Google Search.  


    Intrusive marketing.  It’s a term we can apply to ads that play on radio and TV.  The ads I listen to on my radio station, WOWO are not targeted specifically to me.  But they have created Top Of Mind Awareness of several companies that I may need to call on one day.

    Using the example of Sarah and her search for chocolate and applying it to Fort Wayne, Indiana where we have one of the best chocolate shops in the world, DeBrand Fine Chocolates, instead of starting her search online from zero, Sarah would first look for DeBrand Fine Chocolates because they have built Top Of Mind Awareness with their radio ads.  There’s a good chance that Sarah has even had a treat from DeBrand’s sometime in the past.

    The human relationship factor in the consumer journey takes into consideration the stuff I just mentioned that gives DeBrand a head start.  It’s like ranking number one on Google and eliminating the competition, in Sarah’s heart and mind and everyone else who DeBrand Fine Chocolates have created Top Of Mind Awareness. 

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  • Mike Locke we call it turning a 'yellow pages' search into a 'white pages' search...The customer searches for the client name (white pages) instead of chocolate/makeup (yellow pages). This way a client with good radio exposure can get ahead of their competitor who...  more